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Jasmin Joachims

Hello there, I'm so happy you stopped by. I'm Jasmin. I love writing stories and if you've not checked out my work yet, then I'm very happy to show you some of it. On the Science Fiction subpage, you'll be able to take a peek at my newest release Despite Distress and other works that I'm super excited about! On the home screen, you'll have the chance to subscribe to my newsletter or contact me directly. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you enjoy!

Check out my new queer sci-fi novelette Despite Distress!


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Image by Steve Johnson

Jasmin Joachims Bio
Short but sweet

Jasmin Joachims is a poet, writer and author of the sci-fi novelette Despite Distress. Previously working as an IT consultant, she now prefers to put words onto the page and dabble in a plethora of genres that include science fiction, romance and post-apocalyptic dystopia. One of her passions is to create gripping LGBTQ+ novels and trying to write the kind of stories she would have loved to be able to read while she was growing up. Her second passion is ice cream. No, sorry, it's dogs. Okay, she can't decide. Let's call them her other two second passions and be done with it.

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