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The Flying Kite_Cover.jpg

Sam Hale decided long ago that love was not for her. The past holds too much pain to risk her heart again. And despite agreeing to sub in as a teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design, she's determined to keep both her life—and her art—away from prying eyes.

But while helping her best friend set up an exhibition featuring the famous Emmanuelle Renaud, Sam runs into the beautiful French painter herself. Literally. Despite her success, she isn't as unapproachable as Sam pictured her to be. She's kind, clearly devoted to her art, and more disarming than anyone has any right to be. Of course, Sam would feel drawn to a person like that, despite her fears and past trauma. Regardless, Sam is determined to just be a good friend. Because Emmanuelle is straight, completely unattainable, and not even planning to stay in Providence. Or is she?

Between her quirky grandfather's antics, a student's infatuation, and the dilemma of revealing her art to the world, can Sam find the courage to open up again? And what's more, is the chance of true love worth losing her heart?

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