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The "Despite" Series

The Despite-Series is a fun, sci-fi action-romp, with colourful characters, planets, and alien species to match. Combining elements of classic science-fiction, adventure, and cyberpunk, with a healthy portion of dry humour, it kicks off the "Sword of the Queen" books that will continue the story of Captain Elianorra Salazar and her adventures in our galaxy five-hundred years in the future.

Despite Distress_Cover.jpg

Despite Distress
The Sword of the Queen

Enter planet Silk: damp, dangerous and whose rodent inhabitants are firmly stuck in the dark ages. When freshly-minted Agent Elianorra Salazar tracks an information broker there to find out about a vicious terrorist attack, she discovers she’s not the only one trying to snatch up her prize.


With her ship AI out of range and only an unreliable drunk for a contact, Elia finds herself embroiled in the rising conflict between the planet’s indigenous species. Can she get to the broker before the bounty hunter known only as “The Death-Monger” does? What Elia does know, is that sometimes you have to be willing to get deep into the thick of it to come out on top. Even if it means getting your hands dirty.


The Despite takes off again soon!

For more of Captain Elianorra Salazar's adventures check out the next book!

A vicious terrorist attack happening on a core-world.

A traitor fleeing to the farthest corners of space.

A secret mission to bring him to justice.

When Dolor’s most peculiar special agent teams up with a group of quirky troublemakers, the goal is to wrap up the job, prove her worth, and leave the galaxy none the wiser.

Instead, Captain Elianorra Salazar is forced to tangle with criminal overlords, the possible invasion of a long-thought-dead alien species, and the tenacious—but alluring—Commander Haggerty. With her crew getting closer and closer to discovering her true identity, she finds herself caught between her duty to her queen and keeping her integrity.

Is betraying herself and those who trust her the only way to bring peace to her homeworld?

Despite Duty
The Sword of the Queen

To be continued ...

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